Balluff: Industrial Ethernet Cables

Available with M12 D-coded and/or RJ45 connectors, these four-conductor cables are suitable for almost any industrial Ethernet application.

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Cables are available in several versions. Type UR Shielded Star quad Flex 2 million is suitable for Profinet network, four-pole, 22 AWG with halogen-free insulation. Type TPE Shielded Flex 5 million, with two pairs of 24 AWG, is ODVA compliant, CAT5 rated, chemical, oil and UV resistant and rated for 600 volts. PVC Shielded STEP is a shielded (F/UDP) flexible patch/jumper cable, Cat5e rated and fire and chemical resistant. Type TPE Unshielded Flex 10 million is ODVA compliant and Cat5e rated and features fire, UV and low temperature performance, plus mechanical and chemical resistance. Type TPE Shielded STP 2 pair: FT1 is a basic Ethernet cable with two AWG 22 pairs and is FT1 rated. Assembled cables are available as M12 straight male to M12 straight male, double-ended, M12 straight male to RJ45, double-ended, RJ45 to RJ45, double-ended M12 right angle, double-ended M12 straight female to M12 straight male, double-ended M12 female to M12 female straight, double-ended. Bulk cable is also available.

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