Dassault: Manufacturing Application Software Suite

The Apriso 9.7 application suite offers an improved business experience for Apriso users, with closer, out-of-the-box integration to other DELMIA digital manufacturing products.

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Formerly known as FlexNet, the product suite now includes greater integration to process plan and work instructions management - offering a "digital thread" to facilitate end-to-end traceability, closed-loop operations management and accelerated new product introduction. Greater collaboration leads to a better user experience through improved productivity and agility. This product portfolio update supports paperless manufacturing with improved synchronization of 2D and 3D work instructions between DELMIA digital manufacturing and Apriso applications to increase the efficiency of the shop floor operators while ensuring quality. It accelerates new product introduction with expanded business process re-use, standardization and collaboration between engineering and manufacturing operations to improve collaboration and operational agility, while automated process plan approval and distribution reduces latency between engineering and manufacturing.

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Dassault Systèmes/Apriso Corp.

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