Kepware: Updated Communications Platform

KEPServerEX version 5.17 enhancements include a new scheduler plug-in and updates to the local historian plug-in and EFM Suite.

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The new scheduler plug-in enables users to move the scheduling of data requests from the client to the server to optimize device communications for networks with limited bandwidth. Its centralized scheduling functionality allows users to prioritize schedules and define when and what specific data sets to poll-providing control and monitoring of network utilization. It also adds security to the network by preventing "rogue" clients from hijacking available bandwidth from critical applications. The EFM Suite is a collection of drivers and electronic flow measurement (EFM) exporters that enable oil & gas companies to poll real-time and historical EFM data from pipeline flow computers and RTUs. While the EFM Suite has always supported FLOWCAL CFX files, the new version allows users to cleanly import gas EFM data into FLOWCAL's Oracle database via the FLOWCAL Transaction Queue. This simplifies training, configuration, support, and maintenance for customers that use FLOWCAL and the company's EFM Suite. To improve operational efficiency and reduce network load, the local historian plug-in has been updated to support OPC historical data access (HDA) processed read requests. The processed read requests shift the heavy data computation load from the client to the historian server, minimizing the network load from each request.

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