Operating System for Machine Visualization

The VisiWinNET multitouch-based system from Lenze provides the intuitive and ergonomic operations familiar from smartphones and tablets.

Aw 93700 1602np Lenze2

To enable people with varying qualifications to achieve short setup and standstill times, the system focuses on simple operating concepts for the machine operator and visualization solutions using high-resolution, multitouch-capable hardware and software. Working with the software, the new v800 terminals pave the way for modern ergonomic machine operation. Thanks to modular components based on UX design principles, the process information can be displayed much more clearly. Navigation is also much easier for the operator - so it is intuitively learnable in only a short time. It is also possible to carry out safe two-handed operations, which eliminates operational errors caused by using only one hand. The hardware for the v800 operator terminals comes as an external Panel PC in IP65 (v800-p protec) or as an embedded panel (v800-c). Both are equipped with 4th- generation Intel processors, capacitive glass touchscreens, and integrated solid-state discs. They are available with screen sizes from 13.3inches upwards.

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