Manufacturing Execution System for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries

PAS-X 3.1.8 from Werum IT Solutions features several improvements for efficient manufacturing.

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The MES not only facilitates regulatory compliance, but also supports drug makers to ensure high quality in their manufacturing processes. The most important material-related functions can now be accessed more easily and have been given an optimized user interface. Also new is a dedicated dialog for material reconciliation with built-in best practices. The new automated material flow overview allows the operator to control the quantities that have been consumed and processed. In addition, downtime needed to update the software version has been significantly reduced, and allows a cumulative one-step MES product upgrade and data migration. It runs with the latest platform versions such as Oracle 12. Support of the new OSIsoft PI Event Frames simplifies integration of shop-floor systems. Additional enhancements include smarter integration of solutions such as Track & Trace, KPI/OEE and the new Evaluations Package, which helps pharma manufacturers unlock the full potential of shop floor data. All production-related data and data of the interfaced IT systems converge. Supported by the integrated and web-based PAS-X Evaluations Package, this combined information can be used to make production assessments and develop strategies for process optimization.

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