Programming Software Platform

The Pro-FX Technology Platform from Eaton streamlines application development and simplifies hardware setup.

The open platform software supports six industry-standard programming languages, allowing machine builders greater flexibility in their advanced machine designs and associated design processes. It features a robust library of pre-programmed product and machine level functions that automatically scale input and output variables, eliminating the need to build code from scratch and making it easier to design custom applications for nearly every machine. The Platform is the foundation for Pro-FX Ready products; hardware designed to work out-of-the box as a standalone product or as a predefined sub-system, using existing machine peripherals and CAN data. Components, such as the new CMA Advanced mobile valve with independent metering, allows machine build and commissioning times to be significantly reduced when compared to conventional manual or pilot actuated systems. The redesigned configure software tool features an intuitive, highly visual interface that makes it easier to set application-specific parameters and perform real time performance verification over the life cycle of the product.

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