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Experion PKS Orion from Honeywell has IIot capabilities.

Aw 104320 1608np Honeywell

The new version, featuring advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities, can help industrial plants optimize automation project execution, reduce loop commissioning time, minimize operational risk and protect intellectual investments while keeping current with technology. Major enhancements include automated device commissioning, which automatically binds control configuration engineered in the company’s secure cloud with field devices connected to any Universal I/O (UIO) channel, reducing loop commissioning time from hours to minutes; integration of electrical systems with process control, including support for IEC 61850 electrical management; multivariable APC in the controller; support of all wireless standards, including WirelessHART; next generation Virtualization Premium Platform with fault tolerance; an IIoT-Ready PLC solution; and automated third-party skid integration via SCADA. Other features include: universal remote modular cabinets, safety critical alarms, C300 controller and ACE updates, optimized UIO-II modules, improved wireless access and identity management, enhanced Profibus data collection, new Ethernet Interface Module (EIM) technology, support of Ethernet IP, upgraded SCADA/Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) integration, and expanded on-process migration solutions.

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