Alarm Management Software

Aug. 15, 2017
Version 8.3 of PlantState Suite from PAS features Alarm Mechanic, which helps improve process plant safety and console operator performance, minimizing nuisance alarms through automated analytics and recommendations.

The suite makes power and process plant operators more effective at identifying, evaluating, and managing alarms, analyzing data from disparate sources to provide critical safety and production information that improves operator situation awareness. Alarm Management, Boundary Management, Control Loop Performance, IPL Assurance, and High Performance Human-Machine Interface (HPHMI) solutions ensure safe, reliable, and compliant industrial operations. The addition of Alarm Mechanic fully automates complex analyses that determine alarm delay time settings. Delay time is a critical method for solving nuisance alarm problems. Using a proprietary Master Alarm Database, Alarm Mechanic replaces manual calculations and guesswork with automated, deterministic recommendations that ensure consistent and optimal settings. The new version also enhances support for corporate operational excellence programs and risk-tracking dashboards. In addition, the new release eases integration and makes possible custom alarm analytics.

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