Visibility Into Factory Processes

Jan. 23, 2018
Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility from Sight Machine delivers enterprise-wide visibility to manufacturing companies.

The system allows users, integrators and partners to take production data from factory floors and generate browser-based visibility into enterprise operations — within minutes. It enables manufacturers to rapidly collect and visualize manufacturing data. With its self-service functionality, IT teams and systems integrators are equipped to deploy and scale real-time visibility into factory and machine throughput within minutes, allowing companies to quickly gain visibility across all plants. The platform now offers two tiers, Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility (EMV) and Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA), to provide manufacturers with the means to achieve ROI regardless of their digital objectives. EMV was developed from visibility tools and software automation used by the company to deliver its AI-enabled analytics to clients. The packager offers manufacturers three applications: Global Operations View, KPI Dashboard, and Streaming Data Visualization. Combined, these tools provide real-time, cross-enterprise insights into machine and factory operations including output, availability and downtime. Additionally, they deliver multi-factory performance monitoring by facility, machine type and machine; charting of historical data; and tracking of machine availability.

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