Manufacturing Operations Management Software Platform

Version 10.2 of Parsec’s TrakSYS include support for OPC UA, cloud database instances, and a new API to allow developers to create apps on the TrakSYS platform.

Manufacturing Operations Management Software Platform rom Parsec
Manufacturing Operations Management Software Platform rom Parsec

The new version supports native connections to OPC UA servers. OPC UA communicates automation values over networks using a protocol that eases many of the complications experienced when setting up traditional OPC DA connections. The platform can now be configured to acquire data from a combination of any number of OPC DA or UA sources. In addition, the new version has added support for deploying the TrakSYS database to cloud-hosted Azure SQL and AWS RDS SQL database instances. This allows users to offload the often-times complex and expensive SQL Server infrastructure to a cost effective hosted solution. Expanding on the existing email notification capabilities, a new type of notification (called an Alert) is now available. Like email notifications, Alerts are configured by defining message templates and target user groups. These new notifications are useful for alerting users that actions are required in another area of the application, such as overdue tasks, exception situations requiring input, out-of-specification production, etc.

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