Digital Assistance System for Manual Assembly

Bosch Rexroth’s ActiveAssist combines software and hardware to create a new assembly assistance system.

Digital Assistance System for Manual Assembly
Digital Assistance System for Manual Assembly

The system uses freely configurable software to standardize assembly plans and manual processes, providing intuitive worker guidance to easily visualize all information for varied assembly processes; it indicates errors, increasing process reliability and quality. It uses a quick-to-learn workstation area to guide employees through assembly steps, and features a projector, pick-to-light, touchscreen, virtual surfaces and more. The assistance system identifies workpieces by RFID or barcode and then loads work plans onto the monitor. Signaling correct grab containers and step by step workflows enable employees to effectively assemble complex batches. The employee’s movement can also be tracked via 3D cameras, making it possible to automatically confirm process consistency. Users can equip assembly stations with different assistance functions based on needs. Since the system is on web-based software, numerous systems and assembly stations can be connected. Other hardware components such as the company’s Nexo tightening systems can be incorporated, allowing tightening parameters to be monitored and logged.

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