MES for Electronics

The Camstar Electronics Suite from Siemens PLM integrates the company’s Camstar and Mentor’s Valor manufacturing execution capabilities.

MES for Electronics from Siemens PLM
MES for Electronics from Siemens PLM

This configurable and scalable MES solution enables printed circuit board (PCB) and box assemblers to meet traceability requirements, improve efficiency levels and control manufacturing operations through direct Internet of Things connectivity with machines and production lines. It creates a true digital thread to empower electronics companies to further their digitalization strategy in line with Industry 4.0. By closing the loop between engineering and the shop floor, and by making possible quick reactions to design modifications, manufacturers can shorten product lifecycles, increase production complexities and improve quality across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. The software suite activates the seamless flow of product and business data between product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and shop floor execution through an integrated digital thread, enabling faster and streamlined change cycles. Using this single data source, closed-loop feedbacks from production to design and engineering departments can result in improved quality levels and shorter new product introduction (NPI) processes and go-to-market times.

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