Software Components for Robotics Simulation

June 11, 2019
Version 7.0 of Kineo software components from Siemens provide new simulation capabilities in robotics/machine automation.

Components include KineoWorks, a new trajectory simulation/optimization tools and accelerated robot scenario development/verification; Kineo Flexible Cables, an enhanced dress pack simulation with cable retraction systems; Kineo Collision Detector, with improved performance and new point cloud-wireframe tests; and KineoWorks Interact, a set of tools for developing Kineo-enabled applications quickly and easily. KineoWorks path planning solution computes collision-free motion for machine programming and simulation in manufacturing, as well as assembly and disassembly verification in digital mock-up. Kineo Flexible Cables simulates the behavior of compliant cables, such as hoses and electrical cables. It is suitable for robot programming and simulation, where cables are subject to large deformations and high stresses in complex motion environments. Kineo Collision Detector performs high speed collision analysis on mesh surfaces (polyhedrons) and point cloud data to resolve collisions that would prevent the successful manufacture of an assembly, or impede the intended motion of parts. KineoWorks Interact is a rich graphical user interface toolkit that enables OEMs, system integrators, and software vendors to rapidly develop 3D software applications that benefit from Kineo software components.

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