Enterprise-Level Remote Monitoring System

April 23, 2020
Thermal IQ Optimize provides real-time analytics and fault modeling with early event detection at the plant, equipment, and process levels to keep thermal process equipment running safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Based on the company’s Forge asset and process performance models, the system extracts data from combustion equipment and thermal processes across the enterprise to provide a high-level view of thermal process performance through visual analytics. The asset performance management platform allows users to drill down into the data of individual assets for an in-depth analysis, enabling them to more quickly and easily identify anomalies in equipment function or processes, and determine their impact on enterprise efficiency. Consisting of wireless connectivity, a mobile application and an enterprise-view dashboard, the Thermal IQ platform securely connects combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal process data that is normally trapped at the equipment level available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or desktop. With Thermal IQ data, users can see what is happening with thermal processes without being at their facility, get real-time alerts when key parameters are outside normal limits, track historical data over time to identify when and why something happened, and provide actionable recommendations. The system uses cybersecurity best practices and the latest security techniques to mitigate threats and ensure that communication channels are strictly controlled.

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