Managed IoT Security Services

The portfolio from InsightCyber includes controlled release of NetRadar Express, the entry-level version of the company’s IoT visibility platform.

Net Radar Architecture

NetRadar Express is a free entry-level version of the NetRadar analytics platform that powers the company’s Managed IoT Security services; it is a user-customizable, software-only solution that can be quickly installed and safely deployed in any Industrial Internet of Things or Internet of Things (IoT) environment and provides real-time monitoring and detailed analytics for up to 2000 IoT and operations technology (OT) devices. The full portfolio includes Rapid Assess, an entry-level service that provides periodic asset inventory and threat scans for specific plants, and uses the company’s customizable machine-learning and analytics platform, providing reports describing a maturity rating and recommended security posture; Security & Risk Assess, which provides a detailed cyber-risk assessment based on the company’s ICS/OT risk methodology; IoT Monitor, which provides 24x7x365 visibility and threat monitoring for an unlimited number of plants; OT SOC, which extends IoT Monitor with incident response, KPI monitoring and remediation capabilities; and Lifecycle, which extends OT SOC with periodic OT health checks and risk scoring based on standard frameworks. Delivered via subscription, each managed service includes configurable dashboards for enterprise professionals in executive management, risk management, compliance and audit, technology and security, and plant operations. The technology stack incorporates scalable data collection from multiple sources, event correlation, risk scoring, and continuous monitoring.

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