Enterprise-Wide Metering Software

Find out how Honeywell's Measurement IQ Optimize enterprise software can help operators prioritize and address meter issues having the biggest impact on their business, as well as avoid failures and downtime in the first place.

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Measurement IQ (MIQ) Optimize enterprise software is designed for monitoring meters, gas chromatographs and other measurement assets. It collects and analyzes diagnostic information from devices across different sites for a real-time overview of metering health. MIQ Optimize can provide an early warning of measurement concerns, so that operators can prioritize and address meter issues having the most impact on their business. The software enables users to detect increasing measurement uncertainty quicker, helping avoid failures and downtime, reducing engineer site visits and extending calibration periods. The software also includes recommended actions to ease troubleshooting and maintenance—identifying the most likely causes of meter issues and suggesting remedies. MIQ Optimize supports Honeywell meters and gas chromatographs as well as devices from other major manufacturers. 

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