Iconics, Inc: Company Announces GENESIS64™ Version 10.61

Dec. 14, 2011
ICONICS, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner of the Year and provider of Web-enabled, industrial visualization software for Microsoft Windows® operating systems, announced the release of GENESIS64™ version 10.61.
The GENESIS64 Automation Suite is designed from the core to take advantage of 64-bit multi-processing, multi-threading and graphic acceleration hardware.
ICONICS GENESIS64 is a suite of products that provides a centralized deployment platform that integrates all available plant and business data into a high performance, real-time, distributed platform. GENESIS64 includes all of the tools necessary to create and deliver rich visualization of actionable information, in real-time, anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime.
At the highest level, GENESIS64 is comprised of the following components and technologies:

• GraphWorX64™ - Vector-based 2D and 3D Graphics to Contextualize Data
• AlarmWorX64™ - Distributed Enterprise Wide Alarm Management
• TrendWorX64™ - Application Wide Data Collection, Logging, Charting and Analysis
• EarthWorX™ - Visibility for Geographically Dispersed Assets
• GridWorX™ - Grid Visualization of Large Data Sets
• ScheduleWorX64™ - Advanced Application Event Scheduling
• Workbench - Centralized Configuration and Runtime Interface
• OPC-UA Connectivity - Universal Connectivity to Data
• Native BACnet and SNMP Connectivity - Integrated Data Protocols
• Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight™ Displays - Client Flexibility
"GENESIS64 is the first 64-bit OPC-UA-compliant product suite on a Microsoft platform that is robust, scalable, high-performance and enterprise-wide for industrial automation applications," said Russ Agrusa, President and CEO of ICONICS. "GENESIS64 and all ICONICS products have been designed to handle the most mission critical applications that demand the highest level of availability and deliver unparalleled performance with very efficient use of computing."
GENESIS64 offers the latest features and benefits, including:

• World's Most Advanced HMI/SCADA
• Future Proofed with Microsoft 64-bit Technology
• Stunning 2D & 3D Visualization using WPF and Silverlight
• Scalable to Millions of Tags and Hundreds of Servers
• Quickly View Assets with GEO-SCADA using Bing™ Maps
• WebHMI from Anywhere, Anytime & on Any Platform
• Distributed Alarming, Trending and Data Historian
• OPC, OPC-UA, BACnet, SNMP, SQL & Web Services
• Redundant Solutions for Mission Critical Applications
• Web-based Engineering Workbench Saves Time

Version 10.61 offers the following enhancements:

• Faster Data Communication Between ICONICS Products
• Expanded GraphWorX64 Object Properties
• Streamlined TrendWorX64 Configuration / Runtime
• Additional AlarmWorX64 Viewer Options
• Faster Workbench Import/Export Function
GENESIS64 is "Certified for Microsoft Windows 7", providing a modern, game changing OPC-UA, HMI/SCADA visualization solution. Designed from the ground up for 64-bit computing, GENESIS64 takes advantage of WPF, XAML, 3D hardware acceleration, Windows Presentation Foundation, Multi-touch, Silverlight and more, resulting in an increase in productivity and ease of use.
"The 10.61 release of ICONICS products has been focused on improving usability and speed," said Alec Pinkham, Product Marketing Manager at ICONICS. "From the AnalytiX™ Suite to GENESIS64, we've focused efforts to enhance the user experience with ICONICS products and speed up not only development time, but internal communication."

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