Banner Engineering: Enhanced Work Light Strip

Jan. 23, 2012
When Banner Engineering Corp. first developed the WLS28 Work Light Strip, the goal was make a task light that provides even, bright and highly efficient white LED illumination to enclosures and other areas with poor lighting conditions.
Having achieved that performance goal, the WLS28 has evolved to offer significant enhancements and purchase options—making it a dynamic part of Banner’s line of lighting and indicators and an ideal lighting solution.

Banner's new WLS28 models are now available in the following:

•Six different colors (cool and warm white, red, green, blue, and yellow)
•Standard or push button on/off
•Sealed IP67/IP69K or unsealed IP50
•Cascadable or non-cascadable
•Clear or diffused plastic windows

"We're excited about the growth we've seen in the task lighting area, and the WLS28 has been a big part of that since its initial release," said Chuck Dolezalek, Director of Product Development for Lighting and Indicator products. "We've taken some big steps toward realizing the potential of the WLS28 with the new models we've added. New models have meant new applications for our customers and also new business markets for us."

The WLS28 delivers a versatile lighting solution, featuring a robust, yet small profile, metal housing and is available in various lengths from 145mm (5.7 in.) to 1130mm (44.5 in.), while maintaining the same narrow width of 28mm (1.1 in.) for all models. Extremely bright LEDs emit an even pattern of light, casting no shadows. The WLS28 also provides significant cost and time saving attributes in the form of energy efficiency and installation simplicity. By consuming less than 9 watts per foot, the sustainable WLS28 is designed to last more than 50,000 hours of continuous operation with minimal loss of intensity. Cascading the lights end-to-end potentially cuts costs even more by reducing the amount of wiring and installation time needed.

Offering several mounting options and bracket styles, including zinc-plated 14-gage steel swivel mounting brackets that allow 45° pivoting in either direction, the WLS28 is suited for diverse lighting applications. An alternative mounting option includes the use of high strength magnets, which eliminates the need to drill holes and allows the light to be repositioned. The WLS28 operates on 12 to 30V dc power and is available in cabled or quick disconnect models.

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