Device Communications Software Talks to AB PLCs

NET.ABLINK 4.0. Providing a direct communication channel to Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers, without the need for OPC servers.

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The software enables users to develop their own Windows programs, system services, class libraries and ASP.NET solutions for automation and control applications without OPC constraints. Benefits include direct communication to Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers using Ethernet, DH+, DH-485 or Serial DF1; managed code specifically written to address the demands of writing HMI or data acquisition and control applications for Microsoft's .NET Framework; runtime free deployments without additional license fees; and no third-party components, drivers, API's or tools. Unlike OPC, which is a middleware application that presents complex programming and challenging application compatibility, this software is an embedded class that features a direct communications pipeline to the controller, making it easy to talk to a PLC without the overhead and recurring costs of OPC servers. It uses only three primary classes of .NET code, which are used to manage the PLC, manage the data that are read from or written to the PLC and manage groupings of methods, properties and events to optimize read/write operations on a collection.

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