Stainless steel panel PCs resist contaminants, let liquids roll off

Aug. 30, 2012
Rotate this AIS stainless steel panel PC to see how thin it is, and to see how it fits flush against the mounting surface and takes up little space behind it. These rugged units are rated IP66, UL certified, ideal for CIP (cleaning-in-place), with high-brightness, high contrast ratio LCD displays, and are designed for automation, food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries and advanced packaging assembly solutions in the consumer packaged goods industry, among other applications.

AIS stainless steel operator control panel PCs are highly functional monitoring and control display units in 10.4-, 15-, or 17-inch touch panels that are integrated with Intel Atom processing technology. They provide visualization and control in today’s human machine interface (HMI) solutions with improved packaging efficiency. They improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while meeting the strict hygiene regulations for the food, packaging, medical industries, and cleanrooms. They feature stainless steel panels with IP 66 protection, virtually gap-less housing design with flush-mounted touch screens and a housing geometry and optimized frame profile that allows liquids to run off to prevent accumulation and contamination. Other features include resistance of the stainless steel surfaces and touch screens to cleaning agents and disinfectants, which cover the requirements for cleanroom applications.

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