Moog Animatics: SmartMotor Communications Improvements

Moog Animatics, a division of Moog Inc., has improved their NEMA 23 frame SM23165D and SM23165DT model SmartMotors to provide users the option of employing CAN communications through the D-Sub connector on the top of the motor instead of through the 5-pin connector on the back of the motor.

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Through a small change to the circuitry, this new CDS option decreases the space required when integrating the motor into industrial machinery. The option makes numerous vertical axis applications that would benefit from SmartMotor technology possible by allowing for an integrated brake while using CAN.

The CDS option also makes the control system more efficient and increases simplicity for custom cable assemblies. In addition, this upgrade reduces the cable costs thereby reducing overall machine design costs.

The SmartMotor from Moog Animatics is an advanced, programmable motion controller with an integrated servomotor, drive, amplifier, and encoder inside one package. Each SmartMotor can be a slave or a master to any other SmartMotor, with the ability to link over 100 SmartMotor systems together over one CANbus.

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