Add-in Simplifies Data Logging with PACTware

Process variables from all Device Type Managers in a PACTware® project can be used for monitoring a process. All data are collected, displayed in a chart and can be stored in an archive for a later analysis.

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During configuration of the add-in, all available process variables provided by every DTM of interest are listed for selection. All selected variables are shown in a list with their tag name, current value and y-scale below the chart.

Up to 30 variables from different devices can be combined in one chart. Measured values with the same physical unit can be grouped by one y-scale. Many tools are available for configuring an ideal display of data curves. Logged data can be stored once or continuously in text files or databases.

A tutorial on our Youtube channel shows in less than 5 minutes how to use this DTM together with PACTware® 4.1.

To make yourself familiar with the data logger, download PACTware® including this add-in from our website and request a free 30 days trial license.

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