Yokogawa: Plant Asset Management Software

Version R3.12 of Plant Resource Manager (PRM) has an intuitive, easy-to-understand display and enhanced network functionality.

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PRM is a software package that is capable of centrally managing large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment, thereby allowing their status to be monitored and diagnosed online. With the latest version self-diagnostic information is now displayed in a more intuitive, easy-to-understand format based on the NAMUR NE107 recommendations, and network functions have been enhanced for upstream oil and gas applications. When a device management system detects multiple problems in more than one device, maintenance personnel must quickly assess the severity of each problem and prioritize their actions. Equipment failures in plants must be dealt with quickly, and so appropriate responses are required when it appears likely that a failure will soon occur. To satisfy these needs, this information is now displayed in an easier-to-understand format allowing maintenance personnel to quickly judge which actions will receive top priority. The new version also offers enhanced network functionality, including improved support of wireless and satellite communications for upstream oil and gas applications.

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