High-Performing DTM for Softing’s Modbus to FF Gateway

Softing released the latest version of the FF-HSE-LD CommDTM for its FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus to Modbus Gateway (FG-110 FF).

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Version 1.30 conforms to the FDT specification 1.2 and can be used without a specific license key or license dongle. The easy-to-use software, consisting of a FF HSE Communication DTM and a FF Linking Device Gateway DTM, supports three Microsoft operating systems: Windows XP,Windows  7 and Windows 8. The software ensures a seamless integration of standard FDT Frame Applications like SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, or PACTware with Softing's FG-110 FF or Softing’s Foundation fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF. The FF-HSE-LD CommDTM allows transparent access to field devices that support the FDT standard and are connected to the referring FF H1 networks. The software is included with Softing's gateway solutions FG-110 FF and FIM-110 FF (CD-ROM) or, alternatively, can be downloaded from the Softing website free-of-charge. 

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