No more hard wiring with openSAFETY control panels

New openSAFETY control panels from B&R allow safe data exchange over the bus system.

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Aw 27598 Br Opensafety Panel

New openSAFETY control panels from B&R allow safe data exchange over the bus system.The integrated openSAFETY interface renders the hard wiring of E-stop, operating mode and start buttons obsolete.

Simple cabling of swing arm systems
Setting up control panels with several hard-wired switches and buttons by threading countless cables up through the swing arm system is nothing but a headache. openSAFETY control panels, on the other hand, only require a bus and power connection. This means that these systems can be placed exactly where they are needed without having to deal with unwieldy cable harnesses. Commissioning and service are also sim-plified, saving additional money in these areas as well. The E-stop button is just as reliable as its hard-wired counterparts.

Arrange buttons and switches as needed
These control panels are available in a wide range of configurations, allowing them to be tailored perfectly to any application. In addition to different display sizes and ratios, it is also possible to choose between various touch technologies. Just as configurable are the number and arrangement of buttons, switches and the E-stop button. The control panels are also available in housings rated up to IP65. And to round it off, B&R can customize these devices for specific clients and offer solutions for specific industries, such as food and bev-erages.

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