DTM Boosts Valve Diagnostic Capabilities

Graphical displays help users predict future conditions.

Aw 40436 01 Metso Image

Metso Corp.’s DTM release 1.16 brings the valve diagnostics to a new level, presenting current valve assembly conditions and predicting future conditions more accurately than ever before.

The Metso Valve Manager combines the valve assembly’s diagnostic history and current measurements, combining that with wide field experience. Users can see more focused information displayed so it helps them make correct interpretations.

The Performance View, which has been available for ND9000 intelligent valve controller, is now available as Safety View for ValvGuard VG9000. Safety View graphically displays the indices of the ESD valve. When none of the statuses according to Namur NE107 are indicated, the calculated index is displayed as a green bar. VG9000 Safety View also includes Safety Action Availability, the most important indication of the safety valve condition. It is represented as a traffic indicator with a green, yellow or red light.

For more information, please visit: www.metso.com/valvguard.

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