Rugged Flowmeter High Precision

Maintenance-free sensor provides wet steam detection, network compatibility

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The Prowirl F 200 measuring tube is the first choice in heavy duty applications, offering durability and optional wet steam detection. The proven and patented capacitive DSC sensor, which comes in compact or remote versions, ensures high-precision measured values even under the toughest process conditions. Prowirl F 200 offers wet steam detection and industry-compliant two-wire technology for seamless integration into existing infrastructures and control systems, as well as high operational safety in hazardous areas thanks to an intrinsically safe design, and a familiar installation procedure.

Your benefits

  • Integrated temperature measurement for mass/energy flow of steam, gases and liquids (option).
  • Pressure or temperature input via 4…20mA input, HART, PROFIBUS PA or FF.
  • The Prowirl line supports FDT
  • Highest process safety – dualsens version enables redundant measurement to SIL 3
  • High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibration, temperature shocks and water hammer
  • No maintenance – lifetime calibration
  • Convenient device wiring thanks to a separate connection compartment
  • Safe operation – no need to open the device due to display with touch control, background lighting (option)
  • Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology™

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