Ethernet Multiplexer Communicates with HART, Modbus

Multiplexer extracts data in instrumentation assets.

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The modular Phoenix Contact HART Multiplexer offers Ethernet access to HART instrument data. It is available in both Basic (part number 2702321) and Universal Head station (part number 2702233) configurations. The Basic module can communicate via Ethernet-based protocols like HART-IP and Modbus TCP. The Universal Head station offers Profinet connectivity in addition to all the capabilities of the Basic model.

Launched at ACHEMA 2015 last year, the product offers a range of expansion modules: both 4- and 8-channel HART modules that have a HART-master on every port; an 8-channel HART module with analog input capability and loop power; and a digital I/O module with four inputs and four outputs.

The system fits in with engineering tools that plant operators already have, such as PACTware (or other FDT Frame Applications), HART Server, HART OPC Server, Siemens Simatic PDM, or Honeywell FDM.

Customers in the power and water utility market have already identified the features that make the installation of this system so beneficial. Engineering workstation users can now extract the digital data from HART instruments and use the data in an FDT environment.

Phoenix Contact has worked with end users in the power and water industries to help open access to the digital data from their instrumentation assets. By combining the FDT Frame Application environment and the Ethernet HART multiplexer, users can now access device data from an engineering workstation to remotely configure and monitor field instruments. By utilizing the flexibility of device DTMs, users can now manage their plant assets without leaving the comfort of the control room.

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