UPS provides Efficient and Reliable Power

The 9SX UPS from Eaton provides up to 28 percent more wattage than traditional UPSs, plus ABM technology that can increase battery service life by 50 percent.

UPS from Eaton provides Efficient and Reliable Power
UPS from Eaton provides Efficient and Reliable Power

The unit offers robust double-conversion, online power protection needed for medical, light industrial, automation and mission critical IT applications in a convenient tower form factor. ABM uses advanced charging techniques to extend battery life by up to 50 percent and provides advanced notice before batteries fail. Features include zero transfer time to battery; continuous filtering of power; an internal, automatic static bypass; automated power delivery, use of switchable, programmable outlets without the need of a third party device or PDU; the ability to maximize uptime with remote monitoring and management; and simplified UPS monitoring with an advanced LCD interface. Units are available with output ratings of 700/630 VA/watts to 3000/2700 VA/watts. An optional extended battery module can substantially increase runtime.

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