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Lakewood, OH 44107

Company Overview

ProComSol, Ltd is the leading provider of technically advanced, cost-effective communication solutions to the HART marketplace. We design and manufacture both HART modems and DD based HART communication software for the PC and Android platforms.

HART Communication Modems and Software for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Leaders in Automation
Years in business:15
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Service, support & spare parts:

Device Descriptor (DD) development

Other services:

Device Descriptor (DD) development

13001 Athens Ave
Suite 220
Lakewood, OH 44107
Toll Free:877-221-1551

ProComSol, Ltd (Process Communications Solutions) was founded in 2005 dedicated to providing products for users of HART technology. We established our reputation with reliable USB HART modems certified by the HART Communication Foundation. The HM-USB-ISO HART Modem is the most cost-effective certified USB HART Modem available.

We are known for several technical innovations. Among them is our Bluetooth HART modem which first appeared on the market in 2005. This makes us the first to offer wireless capabilities for HART users. We were also the first to offer products based on SDC-625 technology. Our DevComDroid Smart Communicator App for Android is the first product to offer full DD capabilities on the Android platform.

Our HART Communicator software products (DevCom2000 and DevComDroid) have established themselves as the only real alternatives to expensive communicators. DevCom2000 was originally released in 2006 as the first product to use the HART Communication Foundation’s SDC-625 technology. Constant and steady improvements over the years have made DevCom2000 reliable, convenient, and feature rich.

ProComSol has always been a member of the HART Communication Foundation. We are committed to improving the HART protocol and offering high quality, reliable, and innovative products using this amazing technology. If you do not see products or features that you need, please contact us. We promise to work hard to meet your needs.

Thank you for your interest in our products,

ProComSol, Ltd

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Key Contacts
Irena Wasylyk
Technical Sales
Irena Wasylyk
Technical Sales
Jeffrey Dobos