Dataforth: New Software for Data Acquisition & Control System

The MAQ20 is now available with IPEmotion data acquisition/test and measurement software.

Aw 15266 1304np Dataforth

The software comes in seven languages, is designed specifically for industrial and R&D applications and provides synchronized data acquisition. It is easily adaptable to all user specific requirements, including device configuration, data acquisition measurement, visualization and analysis. It provides automatic recognition of connected devices, automatic configuration of all channels, automatic start of measuring, and instant visualization of all measurement values. Measurements include temperature, current and voltage, strain, pressure, frequencies and rotational speeds, and logging and diagnostic data. Features include: live data display, recording, online and offline math and logic functions, one-click acquisition, direct hardware detection, data display and recording; live adjustment to analyze and verify measurements during active data acquisition, plus GUI adaptation during active measurement and storage. It also performs data analysis, post processing and report generation and high speed recording, features easy drag and drop and plugin synchronization, and can import and export recorded data to standard file formats.

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