Advantech’s New Configure-to-Order 15” and 17” Panel PCs

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group is leading the world in the latest design of panel PCs.

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Aw 21646 Ppc 8150

To give customers greater flexibility in their choice of product and to enable to adjust their designs based on their requirements, Advantech is launching the PPC-8150 and PPC-8170 panel PCs.

The PPC-8150 (15") & PPC-8170 (17") panel PCs come with eco-friendly LED backlights with ultra-endurable lifetimes of up to 50,000hrs and resolutions of 1024 by 768 & 1280 by 1024. They are IP65 certified 5-wire resistive touch panels to ensure that they are very reliable and can withstand harsh environments. They have 100 to 240VAC and 12 to 30VDC power inputs which cover most industrial requirements. They are equipped with optional 4 x COM ports and 1 x PCIe expansion slot so users can allocate the I/O ports according to their demand.

Advantech's Configure-to-Order-Service (CTOS) enables users to build the best solution for their business by selecting such items as the motherboard, memory, hard drive, power supply and other items. Not only does CTOS provide customers with the flexibility to choose their own hardware, it also promises fast delivery since all of the components have already been designed to work with each other. There's no waiting for engineers to test the specific configuration. Ease of maintenance ensures that difficult solutions are provided quickly, there is minimal downtime. Finally, by choosing the components that suit them best, costs can be better controlled to ensure that only the required components are delivered with the PPC and that there are no wasted features.

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