Hope Industrial Systems Introduces Our Complete Line of Industrial Keyboards with 3-Year Warranty

An Industrial Keyboard Supplier with a 3-Year Warranty

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An Industrial Keyboard Supplier with a 3-Year Warranty

Most of our customers know us as an industrial touch screen and monitor company, but we are proud to also be the manufacturer of a complete line of truly industrial keyboards that come with a standard 3-year warranty. You may have heard that we shipped over 60,000 monitors, but you may not have heard that we have also shipped thousands of NEMA 4/12 and NEMA 4X industrial keyboards!

So why does an industrial monitor company manufacture industrial keyboards?

We actually started offering keyboards in our second year of business because our customers wanted to attach them to our Universal Mount Monitors as part of a complete stand-alone operator workstation. Then a few years later we started making our own keyboards so we could offer a lot of variations in a consistent family at an affordable price. We also wanted to take advantage of new, stronger materials that were more resistant to punctures and tearing. AND we wanted to offer a standard 3-year warranty like we always have with all our monitors.
Then it was a simple matter to broaden our offering to include models that are not physically attached to our monitors.

The result is we now manufacture 26 different models of industrial keyboards!

How can you include a 3-year warranty when most all the other suppliers only allow one year?

That's exactly what everybody asked us 14 years ago when we did the same thing with industrial monitors (back then nobody had a warranty longer than one year). With over 14 years of experience behind us and more than 60,000 units shipped, we now have plenty of data to show that it was the right decision.

When we started manufacturing our own keyboards back in 2009, we decided to offer the same warranty as our monitors - a full 3 years. Today, with five years of field experience, we can point to that as a good decision for both our customers and for us.

So you've got 26 models... give me a quick overview of the product line

First of all, they are truly industrial

  • NEMA 4 or 4X (IP65/IP66) rated
  • Rugged keyboard switch overlays
  • Rated to 60°C

Hope Industrial keyboards are available in 26 different models

  • 5 kinds of enclosures
    • Monitor-Mounted
    • Benchtop
    • Flush Panel Mount
    • 45° Panel Mount
    • Folding Wall Mount
  • 2 kinds of keyboard overlays
    • Short-travel membrane with touchpad
    • Full-travel keys with rugged silicone rubber overlay and button pointer
  • 2 kinds of enclosure materials
    • Black powder-coated steel
    • Stainless steel
  • 2 interface options
    • USB
    • PS2


  • Sealed to NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X (IP65/IP66) standards
  • Rated for wash-down applications
  • 3-year warranty on all models
  • Rugged keyboard switch overlays with integrated pointing device
  • Separate 10-key numeric keypad and up to 24 function keys

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