ICP DAS USA, Inc. Introduces ZigBee Coordinator with 8-channel Digital Input Pair-Connection Function

ICP DAS USA, Inc. introduces ZT-2052-IOP, a ZigBee coordinator that provides 8-channel digital input pair-connection function with module ZT-2042 (Wireless 4-channel Zigbee Alliance PhotoMOS Relay Output and 4-channel Open Collector Output Module).

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Since the ZT-2052-IOP features embedded I/O channel binding function, there is no need for users to use an external controller. The status of each ZT-2052-IOP channel triggers the corresponding remote digital output channels on the ZT-2042 module. The ZT-2052-IOP constantly sends status updates of the digital input channels to the remote ZT-2042 to ensure that the digital output channels are synchronized. It also provides external DIP and Rotary switches for easy configuration, which can be used to synchronize the digital signals in any environment where wiring is difficult.

The ZT-2052-IOP can be used in Building Automation, Factory Automation, Machine Automation, Remote Maintenance, Remote Diagnosis, and Testing Equipment applications. It supports a wide range of temperatures, from -25°C ~ +75°C (-13°F ~ +167°F), which makes it a reliable and robust module in industrial environments.

ICP DAS USA is a cost-effective leader in the U.S. industrial market; offering a stunningly competitive price/performance ratio, while catering to the latest solutions for current industrial trends. We seek to provide our customers with cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for their Data Acquisition and Embedded Control Applications. ICP DAS USA provides a great variety of products with modular and universal solutions for any scale application or projects.

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