The Smart Software for the Axioline F I/O system: Startup+

Startup+ is a FDT/DTM Technology based start-up software specifically tailored to the Axioline F I/O system.

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It is used for testing, diagnostics and parameterization of wired I/O stations without having to set a PLC in operation. It also can be used to test the connected peripheral equipment or machine parts as well. For this purpose it is possible to parameterize the I/O modules used and read and write input and output signals. Further offers Startup+ comprehensive diagnostics during start-up and operation of AxiolineF I/O stations.

The I/O station is connected via Ethernet or the service interface to the PC with Startup+. A user-friendly wizard supports the user to establish a connection between Startup+ and the I/O station. In addition, Startup+ offers other useful functions for the start-up of the AxiolineF I/O system as logging input and output changes and saving the I/O module parameters of an AxiolineF station in a file to enable start-up parameterization for AxiolineF Modbus TCP/IP bus couplers.

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