IP69K Stainless Steel Inductive Proximity Sensors and IP69K Cordsets

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce two new product lines designed specifically for harsh environments.

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Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce two new product lines designed specifically for harsh environments. The new ICS Inductive Proximity Sensors comply with or are certified to IP69K, ECOLAB, and FDA standards, and easily accommodate both hot and cold temperature extremes. New IP69K CONB Series Cordsets are ECOLAB certified, and have one of the highest temperature ratings in the market. IP69K ensures the sensor and cordset will withstand high pressure and high temperature cleaning processes. ECOLAB certification ensures resistance to many harsh acids, alkalines, aggressive chemicals, cleaning agents and disinfectants. FDA compliance assures that ICS Series sensors are made of materials approved for use in the food industry.

ICS Series sensors are the ideal solution for harsh environments such as those found in the Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mobile Equipment and Agricultural industries. They have a wide operating range of ‑40°C to +80°C (‑40° to +176°F), and will work reliably for up to 15 minutes in boiling water (100°C/212°F) - thus accommodating cleaning process requirements! ICS Series sensors share many of the same important features as Carlo Gavazzi’s established ICB sensors, including highly reliable and customizable microprocessor-based design, LEDs easily viewed from any direction, fast operating frequency (up to 2,000 Hz), and permanent laser-engraved part number, serial number, and cULus and CE certification marks. The 3-wire DC ICS Series is available in M12, M18, and M30 316L stainless steel housings, with single or double sensing distance, flush or non-flush mounting, and normally open or normally closed outputs with 200mA PNP or NPN transistor output.

By pairing IP69K sensors with the new CONB Series cordsets, a complete solution is available for the Food and Beverage industry. Besides being IP69K rated, ECOLAB and UL certified, CONB Series cordsets are rated from ‑40°C to 105°C (‑40°F to 221°F). The CONB Series cord sets are the perfect complement to any IP69K rated sensor, including inductive, photoelectric, and capacitive sensors offered from Carlo Gavazzi. They are available with 2 or 5 meter lengths, with straight or 90° connector, with non-illuminated or LED versions. The IP69K ICS Series Sensors and CONB Series Cordsets are available from Carlo Gavazzi’s North American network of sales offices, distributors, and online.

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