Maximizing Potential of Networked Field Devices

Multi-network systems are easier to manage

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Modern device configuration and diagnostic infrastructure

The Fieldgate SFG500 unlocks the potential of field devices with independent access to existing networks without impacting programmable controllers. It also permits building a modern infrastructure with different communication networks like PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA and HART devices behind Remote I/Os.

Experience the Fieldgate benefits!

  • Field device access across different manufacturers, thanks to DTM (FDT) and iDTM (EDDL) support.
  • Cross-vendor operations supported with a single maintenance tool.
  • Equipment parameter changes are now visible online, without having to download or upload the entire set of parameters.
  • Significant time savings during commissioning and diagnostics.
  • Graphical representations such as envelope curves with radar and guided radar field devices are now available without restrictions.
  • It provides commissioning functionality so it’s possible to use the full performance of field devices.
  • Various applications have proven speed gains and increased the efficiency of servicing field devices.

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