Honeywell: Process Controller Simplifies Management of Distributed Oil and Gas Assets

The RTU2020 modular process controller helps operating companies in oil and gas, mining and other process industries effectively manage complex remote automation and control applications.

Aw 90044 1511np Honeywell

Enhanced with native redundancy, expanded I/O modules and wireless I/O, the unit provides complete visibility into the most efficient utilization of distributed assets through expanded remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management. Designed to withstand harsh environments, it can be deployed at remote sites with very low power consumption (1.8 watts) - suitable for use with solar power. It also allows for remote maintenance and cuts equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes. Native controller redundancy means that no switch is required for I/O communications. A new integrated onboard solution provides wireless I/O integration of ISA100 instruments, with no specialized module needed. ISA100 instruments appear as "native" I/O to the controller. The controller's 28 channels of onboard I/O can be extended by adding one or more of the new 28 channel mixed I/O modules which, like the onboard I/O, is HART-enabled. No extra hardware is needed with this solution, and digital HART data and diagnostics are available locally for use in control and alarming as well as remote instrument health monitoring. The unit does electronic flow metering for gas per API 21.1 with per meter run licensing, with flow calculations independently validated against Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 17. ISO equations have been added to the flow calculation library alongside the existing AGA and API based calculations.

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