Smart Camera System

The EyeCheck 9000 from EVT is available as a complete system with integrated EyeVision image processing software or as an OEM version.

Aw 93697 1602np Evt

The ready-to-use solution is available as the EyeCheck 9xxx series. The OEM solution is also available as a board version without housing, and it can be easily programmed with C or C++. Both versions are Linux smart cameras and have FPGA and DualCore ARM CPUs. The OEM version allows the user to choose between two FPGA ZYNQs called Raze1 and Raze2; adjustments can be made when ordering. The system provides easy image evaluation and is suitable for applications such as pattern matching, code reading (bar code, DMC, QR), OCR/OCV, object detection, measurement technology, surface inspection and many more. The camera's light housing enables it to be mounted onto a stand with the components from EyeMount; all that is needed is two hex key wrenches and the EyeMount basic mount set to create a stand in only a few minutes.

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