Rexroth’s ActiveMover Moves Products with Groundbreaking Performance

Feb. 12, 2016
The new linear motor transfer system sets new standards in speed, precision and load capacity.

Bosch Rexroth announces the introduction of a new linear motor transfer system called ActiveMover. The system is designed for highly precise transfers in short production cycles. For high-throughput assembly or any application that requires speed and precision in transfer and handling of products, ActiveMover represents a major advancement in efficiency. The pre-engineered, modular system offers new levels of performance for high-speed assembly in the automotive industry, for precision applications in the medical device industry, and for the assembly of consumer products. Importantly, the new conveyor also offers outstanding opportunities in packaging applications, specifically in filling and packaging machinery and systems.

Customers can expect a significant increase in product quality thanks to the system’s extremely high repeatability. Additionally, they will see a boost in productivity. Higher speed and acceleration, combined with quicker pallet changes, create industry-leading shorter cycle times. Plus, with freely programmable single pallets that can move up to 10kg, increases in flexibility and efficiency are possible even when handling sensitive products or assemblies.

The robust, powerful drive, with up to 160 N per pallet, was designed for easy process integration and a wide range of applications. For customers looking for the next generation of short-cycle transfer systems, it’s here. 

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