Power Supply for Industrial Applications

The Resilient 3000 from GE Industrial Solutions provides 3000 W for general-purpose industrial solutions.

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Officially called the EP3000AC48IN, the single-phase supply provides a constant 3000-W output power at 48 VDC, along with plug-and-play connectivity and operating efficiencies of up 95 percent. Units are scalable and can be paralleled for load sharing, providing added flexibility for industrial users looking for a solution to their power challenges. The supply maintains the performance, efficiency and ability to offer robust communications that users require. Features include wide operating temperature range (-10 to +70 ºC), wide selectable output voltage range (48 to 58 VDC); RS-485 communication; +5-volt auxiliary output; compact size and light weight (approximately 7.5 pounds); high mean time between failures design; simple connectivity. Convenient two-piece connectors allow for rapid yet confident AC and DC connections; simple wire-and-go-connectivity assures rapid deployment and servicing. Other features include over-voltage and high-temperature protection and built-in surge protection.

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