Smart Workstation

The Smart Workstation is a joint product from Bosch Rexroth and Tulip that combines Bosch’s manual production system with Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform to create an Industry 4.0 workstation.

Smart Workstation from Basch Rexroth and Tulip
Smart Workstation from Basch Rexroth and Tulip

The workstation leverages IoT-enabled manufacturing apps to transform traditional benchtop operations, increasing operator productivity, improving quality, and collecting and visualizing real-time manufacturing data. Bosch’s IoT devices such as the Bosch XDK110, an environmental sensor; the Bosch Rexroth ID200, an RFID system; and the Bosch Rexroth Nexo, a cordless nutrunner have been added to the growing supported Device Ecosystem, which makes them ready to use with Tulip. The Smart Workstation is built to order and comes retrofitted with a Tulip I/O Gateway, which connects all devices and machines to Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform, a Tulip Light Kit, an easy-to-program pick-to-light solution, as well as a number of other industrial sensors to get manufacturers started with IoT-enabled manufacturing apps. The bench also includes access to Tulip’s Manufacturing App Library, a growing collection of app templates ready to use and customize.

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