Industrial Communication Solutions

July 9, 2011
Advantech's Industrial Communication line of products include Industrial Ethernet solutions, Industrial Wireless, Serial Device Servers, and Serial Communication Cards.
Advantech's Industrial Communication (ICOM) offers a comprehensive line of industrial communication solutions to meet the needs for mission critical applications. These products include: Industrial Ethernet Switches, Wireless Access Points, Media Converters, Serial Device Servers, Modbus Gateways, Serial Communication Cards, Video Servers, and Video Capture Cards. These products securely transmit critical and sensitive information, remotely monitor and control networked devices, and emphasize high communication capabilities for industrial applications, including railway, intelligent transportation system, renewable energy, power automation, environment & facility management system, and machine Automation. ICOM's goal is to provide interconnected solutions - Industrial Networking, Device Connectivity, and Industrial Video Acquisition to fulfill Advantech's mission of "Enabling an Intelligent Planet".Watch video