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Birmingham, AL 35210

Company Overview

Motion offers a wide array of electrical and industrial automation components as well as mechanical power transmission products; hose, belting, and gaskets; hydraulic and pneumatic components; process pumps; industrial and safety products; seals and accessories; and material handling products and solutions.

Leaders in Automation
Years in business:75
Number of employees:7,000+
Geographic sales distribution:North America and Australasia
Sales Channel:500+ Motion Locations

Motion’s Learning & Development has been training employees and customers alike since 1988 with courses in bearings, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical power transmission, and more. Hands-on and custom on-site courses are offered, as well as online modules. Mi Learning Centers are strategically located across North America to provide hands-on courses within driving distance of most Motion branches and customer locations. (Due to COVID-19, attendance is only virtual at this time.)

Other services:

To increase customers’ productivity, Motion offers many value-added services, including engineering, fabrication, repair, and Industry 4.0 solutions. In addition, Motion’s Automation group and Mi Conveyance Solutions were formed to offer a wide range of specialized, related products and innovative solutions for many applications.With technical support engineers in multiple locations throughout the U.S., Motion’s Automation group offers smart automation solutions for OEM, integrator, and end-user requirements. The team helps customers design their systems or machines through extensive product and application knowledge as well as proof-of-concept capability. Whether it’s motion control, industrial networking or robotics, Motion’s automation specialists provide product selection, sizing and configuration, technical support, and application engineering services customized for specific automation needs. Other engineered solutions include motor controls, electric panels and machine level controls that network to customers’ manufacturing controls.Motion’s Automation group also supplies parts as well as entire assemblies, simplifying its customers’ supply chain.Predictive maintenance solutions are also available with P2MRO®, the comprehensive, cloud-based software platform designed and provided by Motion; it is the ultimate, cost-saving IIoT tool for plants and sites that want to improve uptime and efficiency. The platform leverages application-specific solutions that track machine health KPIs such as vibration, temperature, oil condition, etc., as well as aggregates data within the P2MRO dashboard. When sensors detect an anomaly or impending failure, the P2MRO system will automatically generate an email notification as well as a scheduled report to streamline maintenance, repair and operations workflow.  Motion serves more than 170,000 customers from the food and beverage, pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, mining and aggregate, petrochemical, automotive, semiconductor, wood and lumber, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

1605 Alton Road
Birmingham, AL 35210
Toll Free:800-526-9328

Motion is a leading distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) replacement parts, and a premier provider of industrial technology solutions. 

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