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Billerica, MA 01821

Company Overview

From powerful, innovative image sensors, cameras and acquisition boards to sophisticated vision software and intelligent vision systems, Teledyne DALSA is the only company in the world to own the core technologies required for image sensing, capturing and processing products

To ensure product quality on the factory floor, Teledyne DALSA’s robust and flexible industrial vision solutions are designed to satisfy a broad variety of user requirements. From single standard camera configurations to high-performance multi-camera models, these systems are compatible with a wide range of cameras for both area and line based imaging including Teledyne DALSA’s Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link cameras with mono or color sensors, as well as 3rd party alternatives. Integrated software offers a full suite of tools and capabilities for a wide range of applications across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, food & beverage, health & beauty, medical devices, metals, packaging, pharmaceutical and semiconductors. Choosing the right software is critical to the success of any machine vision application. Whether users require an all-in-one product for rapid development without programming or a library of image processing functions for machine integration, Teledyne DALSA offers a range of compatible product offerings to match users experience and application requirements. These solutions support digital I/O, serial and Ethernet communications for interfacing 3rd party equipment, operators and the factory enterprise. In addition, compatible protocols, such as Modbus, Profinet and Ethernet/IP provide standard languages for connecting complementary factory devices.

Leadership in Automation
Years in business:40
Number of employees:1000
Geographic sales distribution:North and South America, Europe, Asia
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors
700 Technology Park Drive
Billerica, MA 01821

Teledyne DALSA has focused on providing machine vision components and solutions for over 30 years. As a world leader we continue to help manufacturers apply vision technology, from image sensors, cameras, and acquisition boards, to sophisticated vision software and intelligent vision systems. Our technology is used in thousands of automated inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries including semiconductor, flat panel display, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging and general manufacturing.

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