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Kepware develops industry-endorsed software solutions for the Industrial Automation Industry that help bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. Visit us online to learn more about our solutions & download a free, full-functioning demo.

KEPServerEX communicates with industrial devices and applications using a library of more than 150 protocols, and provides enterprise applications with reliable real-time and historical data through a single communications platform.

Leadership in Automation
Years in business:20+
Number of employees:120+
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

Customers with an active Support & Maintenance Agreement receive high priority phone, email, and web support from Technical Support Engineers.

Service, support & spare parts:

Customers with an active Support & Maintenance Agreement receive high priority phone, email, and web support from Technical Support Engineers.


PTC’s Kepware-focused training program is designed to address the specific challenges unique to users’ automation environments. Courses can be customized based on trainees’ levels of expertise, location, application, and industry requirements. The labs and training material cover core concepts, such as OPC standards, client/server communication, and connecting to a PLC or device, as well as more advanced subjects like communication optimization and diagnostics.For more information please go to:

Other services:

Free Pre and Post Sales Consulting

400 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
United States
Toll Free:+1 888.KEPWARE (537.9273) x2208
Fax:+1 207.775.1799

Kepware is a software development business of PTC Inc. located in Portland, Maine. Established in 1995, Kepware has spent the last 20+ years building a portfolio of industrial connectivity solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications. We have been recognized as an early player in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and serve a wide range of customers in a variety of vertical markets—including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Building Automation, Power & Utilities, and more.

Kepware only delivers industrial-strength solutions that are designed, tested, and certified to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. We will not release a product until it has successfully passed all stages of our rigorous quality control process.

Kepware has been honored with accolades that speak to IoT innovation, product quality, customer support, and company culture. We continuously improve our systems and processes, empower our employees, maintain financial viability, and use our resources in innovative ways to benefit our customers and staff.

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