Aerotech, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Company Overview

Aerotech has unmatched expertise in developing and manufacturing custom engineered solutions for some of the world's largest corporations in markets ranging from semiconductor, medical, laboratory, optics and photonics, lasers and more.

Precision motion control and positioning systems and components.

Leadership in Automation
Years in business:50
Number of employees:460
Geographic sales distribution:Global

We offer complete service and repair services for all of our products. Please contact our Global Technical Support center at, or reach out to your sales contact and we will connect you with a local Global Technical Support engineer.

Service, support & spare parts:

The same engineering talent behind the design of Aerotech products stands ready to support our customers long after delivery and installation. Aerotech continues to expand along with our customer base, now boasting 24/7 engineering and customer support anywhere in the world.We provide redundant comprehensive field service and technical support to remotely diagnose and service our products, along with a round-the-clock Global Technical Support center, or even complete on-site support. Aerotech maintains a large and growing Field Service and Support network throughout North America, at our subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan and China, and in satellite field offices across the globe. Our engineers stand ready at any time to support our customers.

Other services:

Whether you are sourcing motors, drives, controls, and/or stages so that you can design a machine, system, or instrument yourself, or you are searching for a partner to provide a nearly turnkey integrated system, Aerotech is your premier motion partner. Our business is to Put Your Process in Motion.

101 Zeta Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
United States

Aerotech is the global precision motion control and automation industry leader. Our solutions enable manufacturing, testing and inspection processes on a micrometer and nanometer scale. 

We are the only company offering solutions for every motion challenge, including controller software and hardware; servo and stepper motors; positioning mechanics and robotics; and motion subsystems and integrated system solutions.

As an engineering-focused company that employs more than 180 engineers (85% of our salaried workforce), we pursue a unique, collaborative approach to solving mechatronic challenges. Unlike some competitors that grow by acquiring multiple companies producing distinct, narrowly focused product lines, all of Aerotech's technologies are developed by one engineering team in Pittsburgh, PA.

Aerotech's holistic method of designing all motion control solutions with only one engineering group ensures that all of our technologies work together seamlessly. Mechanical, electrical, and software engineers collaborate in interdependent teams. Mechanical engineers design the physical automation equipment. Electrical engineers develop electrical hardware to drive the automation equipment. And software engineers write controller interfaces that allow users to program and control the equipment.

And with 50 years of experience developing custom solutions for a wide range of markets, Aerotech's applications engineering team is the best in the industry at solving the most complex motion control challenges. In fact, more than half of our business come from custom technologies. We build a deep understanding of specific customer applications so that we can recommend the perfect solution, whether that is a standard or custom-engineered product, subsystem or completely integrate system.

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