April 2023

IoT Sensors
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HMI & SCADA Amid the Digital Transformation

This edition of our research series gauging insights from end users and system integrators explores two key technologies at the intersection between humans and machines: human...
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Sensors: IoT’s Central Nervous System

Integrators offer their insights into the device and connectivity issues that require assessment to choose the right sensors for their clients’ Internet of Things deployments....
The Eclipse machine can make two different automotive transmission pumps simultaneously. Source: Beckhoff Automation

Mechatronic Material Handling for Complex Automotive Assembly

Eclipse Automation deploys Beckhoff Automation’s eXtended Transport System to deliver micron-level accuracy for multiple automotive part assemblies on one machine.
0523 Lutze

Ethernet Universal Current Controller

April 5, 2023
Lütze has added the single-channel LOCC-Box-M to the electronic LOCC-Box current control family. This comes in a compact design and can be used as a stand-alone variant. It allows...

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3 23 Oleum Tech

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection Transmitters

April 4, 2023
Two new hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas detection transmitters have been added to OleumTech’s roster. One to its OTC wireless sensor network platform and the other to its H Series ...
3 23 New Tek

Hazardous Location Position Sensors

April 3, 2023
NewTek’s NT-HL-750 Series of LVDT (linear variable differential) position sensors for hazardous locations monitor the structural integrity of liquified natural gas tanks, helping...
3 23 Mencom

Connector Enclosures

March 31, 2023
Mencom’s new compact, fully metallic enclosure series is available in size 32.13 exclusively, with hoods designed in one piece for any wiring combination with a stainless-steel...
0523 Yaskawa

Mobile Integrated Workstation

March 29, 2023
Compatible with the Yaskawa HC10, HC10DT, HC10XP and HC10DTP collaborative robots, the HC10 Workstation from Yaskawa provides a solution for integrating HC10 robots with the high...
0523 Smac

Low Profile Electric Linear Actuator

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has introduced its new LPL Series 125 low-profile electric linear actuator designed specifically for use on robot end effectors. These actuators with...
0523 Rockwell

Safety Light Curtains

March 24, 2023
Rockwell Automation has released the Allen-Bradley 450L Perimeter Access Control GuardShield safety light curtains. The new 450L safety light curtains feature technology that ...
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ABB RobotStudio Adds Real-Time Collaboration

March 24, 2023
RobotStudio software allows teams to collaborate on robot programming and simulation from anywhere on any device.
0523 Ogp

Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machines

March 23, 2023
The new FlexPoint 12-Series of multisensor coordinate measuring machines from OGP are made for large, heavy parts with complex dimensions and tolerances and measure volumes up...
Brian May

Industrial Sustainability Needs Technology

March 23, 2023
Are you an industrial CEO? Then you’re probably facing more uncertainty and a broader array of global challenges than any of your recent predecessors. A recent CEO study on sustainabili...
3 23 Siemens

Electrical Design Software

March 21, 2023
The Capital Electra X from Siemens is a new cloud-native electrical design software-as-a-service product aimed at individual electrical designers or small teams. This is a browser...
3 23 Saelig

Rugged Laptop

March 20, 2023
Saelig has introduced two new Rockbook X500 Series rugged laptops from WeRock. The Rockbook X550 G2 has a 15.6-in. display while the X540 offers a 14-in. display. Both devices...
Luigi De Bernardini

What ChatGPT Says About Its MES Abilities

March 20, 2023
I worked with ChatGPT to learn about its potential applications with manufacturing execution system (MES) software. After working with it for a while, I got the answer shown below...
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Zero Trust Security Moves from Defense to Industry

Developed for military/defense applications, the Mission Secure cybersecurity platform aims to reduce access and, therefore, risk to industrial operations technologies.
3 23 Beckhoff

Contactless Material Movement

March 16, 2023
Beckhoff has expanded the functionality of its XPlanar system with new mover identification, movers for two lanes of traffic on one tile, rectangular movers, and mover coupling...
I Q R Series Cc Link Ie Tsn Plus Module
Supplier News

iQ-R Series CC-Link IE TSN Plus module

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announces the iQ-R Series CC-Link IE TSN Plus module which supports CC-Link IE TSN and EtherNet/IP™ networks in one module. CC-Link IE TSN...
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Delivering Analytics to the Workforce

The new Seeq Process Health Solution applies analytics and machine learning to complex production, quality and optimization procedures in process manufacturing.
3 23 Applied Motion

Mini Planetary Gearmotors

Applied Motion Products new PH Series mini planetary gearmotors are used with small step motors in NEMA 8, 11, and 14 frame sizes. The small design allows them to not adversely...
The new PM2 pinion series extends the Neugart portfolio of planetary gearboxes with a factory-preinstalled pinion. (Source: Neugart GmbH)
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New PM2 pinion series

March 1, 2023
The new PM2 pinion series from Neugart now offers even more choices and even greater flexibility when selecting gearbox/pinion combinations for rack-and-pinion drives. This new...
DualVee guide wheel and track.

Guide Wheel Use in Linear Motion Applications

One of the most common motion applications in automated machinery is linear motion due to its precision capabilities. Guide wheels are often critical to the dependability of such...
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Not All Cloud Software is SaaS

Inductive Automation’s Ignition Cloud Edition shows how not all cloud-based software is software-as-a-service.
The Moxa AIG-100 series of industrial-grade gateways. Source: Moxa

Edge-to-Cloud Gateways

Feb. 20, 2023
Moxa’s new series of industrial gateways are designed to optimize data transfer from Modbus edge devices to Azure and AWS cloud platforms.