March 2023

The Digital Twin Takes Shape
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Digital transformation of power plants for greater efficiency

March 28, 2023
TepSys quickly transitions from manual to automatic data collection and distribution using DataHub software from Skkynet.
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Industrial Networks

I’ll Have the Combo Deal: Simplifying Industry’s Adoption of Time-Sensitive Networking

March 28, 2023
How a unifying “Theory of Everything” could be developing in industry via industrial networking, sensing, location, and programming technologies.
Optimization is a cyclical process. There is always room for improvement.

OEM Hacks for Mitigating Labor Shortages, Lowering Costs, and Accelerating Time to Market

March 28, 2023
It's common knowledge that lifecycle management for machines can save time, effort, and resources. It can also increase reliability, decrease unplanned downtime, and extend the...

IIoT Technology Megatrends

March 28, 2023
A conversation with Phil Marshall, CEO of Hilscher North America, highlights the trends worth watching during industry’s digital transformation.

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EtherNet/IP: A CIP-Based Protocol for Discrete and Process Applications

This installment in Automation World’s continuing series on key industrial network technologies clarifies what EtherNet/IP is and traces its development as a leading Ethernet-...
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The Digital Twin Takes Shape

Industrial companies are creating digital twins aimed at boosting efficiency, productivity, and plant performance.
Craig Resnick

Key Technology Trends for 2023

March 14, 2023
2022 was a year when industrial markets, despite slower growth, declines in stock valuations, and fears of recession, did not typically suffer from demand problems but were often...
Thermal imaging team member capturing data per Baseline workflow directive. Source: Fluke

Thermography Workflow Software

March 8, 2023
Fluke's cloud-based thermal imaging workflow software—called Baseline—automates route execution and reporting to optimize asset maintenance.
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Plug-and-Play Industrial Meter

Leviton’s VerifEye Series 6000 panel mount meters are designed to monitor a data set of electrical parameters for industrial applications. These meters allow users to set thresholds...
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Multicolor Beacons

The K100 Pro Beacon series has two 100mm models: Pro Daylight Visible and Pro Indicator for advanced indication applications. The K100 Pro Daylight Visible model offers a clear...
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Mini Planetary Gearmotors

Applied Motion Products new PH Series mini planetary gearmotors are used with small step motors in NEMA 8, 11, and 14 frame sizes. The small design allows them to not adversely...

Has the Digital Transformation Reached an Inflection Point?

ARC Advisory Group research indicates that only 11% of industrial companies are currently driving business results from digitalization, but nearly 50% are in the process of digitally...
Machine vision used in a robotic work cell.

3 Machine Vision Technology Trends

New sensors and greater incorporation of artificial intelligence are not only improving machine vision capabilities, they’re also making them easier to implement and operate.
Chemical plant partially powered by adjacent solar field.

How Data Analytics Can Help Identify Energy Efficiency Issues

Data analytics software can be applied to a variety of production operations. Identifying energy efficiency losses is one example of how the software can deliver fast results....
AWS Monitron sensors mounted on conveyor belt motors. Source: AWS
Plant Maintenance

Amazon Enters the Predictive Maintenance Space

The Monitron system from Amazon includes wireless sensors and gateways to monitor equipment vibration and temperature data, transfer the data to AWS for analysis, and alert users...
Top load mobile robot delivering pallet to robotic workcell.

Mobile Robots for CNC Applications

Manufacturing companies are increasingly using mobile robots in CNC operations to move raw materials from storage to machining, transfer cutting tools between a tool room and ...
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Plant Maintenance

Is Industry 4.0 the Answer to Workforce Retirements?

Jan. 10, 2023
Adapting your operations for Smart Manufacturing can help avoid problems with the ongoing labor transition such as increased downtime and incorrect diagnoses of issues.
Accuride employees performs destructive testing. Source: Plex Systems

Accuride Extends MES to Its Test Labs

By thinking about its test centers as part of its manufacturing operations, Accuride extends the manufacturing execution system module of its Plex Smart Manufacturing platform...