May 2023

Industrial Cloud Applications
Tom Weingartner, technical marketing director, PI North America

Scalable Security for OT Networks

The Defense in Depth approach to securing industrial networks considers the network holistically to build in multiple layers of security.
Xavier Mesrobian, vice president of sales and marketing, Skkynet Cloud Systems.

Accessing Process Data Remotely Under NIS 2

How to comply with the EU’s NIS 2 cybersecurity directive and still provide secure remote access to production data.
John Harrington, chief product officer, HighByte.

Data Standards Won’t Solve Your Interoperability Problems

Industry standards are important but, on their own, they cannot tell a use-case driven story. However, when paired with an industrial data ops solution, they can help expedite...
Sean R. Foley, global product manager, Banner Engineering

Smarter Automation Is Accelerating Digital Transformation

Data is everything in today’s manufacturing environment. But capturing data that can guide critical decisions about production, labor and machine maintenance can be a challenge...

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At an auto plant, AI continuously monitored the plant’s welding guns. This solution decreased unplanned downtime on the welding line by 25%.

Machine Learning and AI Improve the Bottom Line

Machine learning and artificial intelligence may appear futuristic, but these solutions have advanced rapidly to where end users experience them as a practical, vital tool for...
Temperature and pressure control are critical for the intricate automated system that delivers ingredients to mixing stations. (© Pierre Charbonneau, 2022)
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation at Paint Factory Helps Boost Throughput 150%

Centris Technologies leverages PC control, EtherCAT and intrinsically safe I/O from Beckhoff for an automation project designed to increase automation and data transparency.
Screenshot 2023 04 27 At 6 01 44 Pm

How Industrial Companies are Using the Cloud to Modernize

The ability to aggregate and analyze operations and IT data in the cloud provides next-level insights set to elevate asset performance, boost product quality, and ensure proactive...
5 23 Yaskawa

Collaborative Palletizing Robot

April 27, 2023
Yaskawa Motoman has added the HC30PL collaborative robot that enables safe and fenceless palletizing to its HC-series line. This robot can also be deployed in handling, packaging...
5 23 Vsion Components

Laser Profiler with 3D Image Processing

April 26, 2023
The new OEM laser profiler VC picoSmart 3D has integrated processors for 3D profile data analysis and additional image processing tasks. It contains a miniaturized embedded vision...
5 23 Tormach

Python Programmable Industrial Robot

April 25, 2023
The ZA6 robot is built to industrial standards, using EtherCAT servo motors, harmonic gear drives, and aluminum castings. It can carry a 6kg payload with a reach of 975mm, requires...
5 23 Teledyne Dalsa

Area Scan Cameras

April 24, 2023
The new Falcon4-CLHS M6200 and M8200 cameras, based on Teledyne e2v’s Emerald 37M and 67M monochrome sensors deliver higher resolution and added functionality with new multi-ROI...
5 23 Rockwell

Safety Input System

April 21, 2023
Rockwell Automation has introduced the new GuardLink 2.0 serially connected safety input system. This version improves upon earlier designs by reducing downtime and installation...
Clint Bundy, managing director, Bundy Group.
Business Intelligence

A Buyer’s Perspective on Automation Investing

April 21, 2023
The past decade has seen growing consolidation within the automation market, even during the pandemic. There are many reasons for this robust mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity...
5 23 Omron

Automated Optical Inspection Systems

April 20, 2023
Two new Omron automated optical inspection (AOI) systems have been released: the VT-Z600 and VT-S1040. The VT-Z600 is Omron’s fastest pre/post reflow AOI system. It features multi...
5 23 Oleum Tech

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection Transmitters

April 19, 2023
OleumTech has introduced two new hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas detection transmitters: one to its OTC wireless sensor network platform and the other to its H Series hardwired process...
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3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

3 Technologies Driving U.S. Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots are changing every aspect of the manufacturing industries—from product design and production to supply...
5 23 Krohne

Loop-Powered Control Unit

April 18, 2023
The new SHD 200 control unit from Krohne provides two solid-state relays for process control. These relays provide capabilities such as a status output, which occurs according...
5 23 Khk

Helical Gears

April 17, 2023
Helical gears are cylindrical disks which have involute-shaped teeth cut into their face at a helix angle. By slanting the teeth, helical gears can obtain a large contact ratio...
5 23 Hg Schaevitz

Miniature Inductive Linear Position Sensor

H.G. Schaevitz has expanded its sensor product line utilizing LVIT technology by adding the LZ-9.5 Series of miniature linear position sensors. The LZ-9.5 series LVITs are contactless...
5 23 Endress + Hauser

Intelligent 4-Tube Flowmeters

April 13, 2023
Two new meters have been added to the Promass Q coriolis flowmeter line from Endress+Hauser. Available for pipes up to 10-in. to measure flow rates up to 18,900bph, the new 4-...
5 23 Emerson

Pressure Transmitter

April 12, 2023
The newly enhanced Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter expands upon the previous model. New user interfaces include a simplified menu structure with common navigation across host...
5 23 Blickfield

Smart LiDAR Sensor

April 11, 2023
The Qb2 from Blickfeld is a smart LiDAR device that captures and processes real time 3D data and automatically feeds it into existing IT systems such as ERP or the cloud as well...
Dreamstime L 117070642

6 Key Industrial Technology Trends

April 7, 2023
ABI Research studies show significant growth trends around industrial cybersecurity, digital transformation, machine tools, supply chain IoT devices, augmented and virtual reality...
Photo 193338468 © Prasit Rodphan |
Dreamstime L 193338468

ABB Previews its Forthcoming Autonomous Operator Technology

With users in energy industries requesting more autonomous capabilities for their production operations, ABB is developing a new technology designed to aid human decision-making...

Overcoming Equipment Integration Issues

March 27, 2023
Key aspects of equipment integration into the manufacturing process are often overlooked. These machine-to-enterprise integration methodologies and tips will help you create a...
The Cytiva Testa Center in Uppsala, Sweden, is an open testbed for biological production.

Testa Center Automates Pharmaceutical Innovation

A collaborative project between Rockwell Automation and Cytiva combines biomanufacturing and automation to create a scalable platform for the pharmaceutical industry’s digital...
Realtime Robotics robot motion planning and control software RapidPlan in use within the BMW Group. Source: Business Wire.

BMW Implements Rapid Robotics Software

March 2, 2023
Realtime Robotics’ RapidPlan software is initially being used by BMW in 3D computer tomography scanning to assure weld quality.
The robotic print-and-apply system at SunMed Growers features an Epson ColorWorks industrial, on-demand color label printer and Epson’s VT6L six-axis robot.

Medical Cannabis Supplier Automates Labeling

Using Epson robots and printing technology, SunMed Growers eliminated the waste and extra time associated with its manual labeling operations and positioned its processes for ...

Software-as-a-Service and Its Impact on Industrial Software

As industrial software moves from on-premises to the cloud, the purchase process, updates, data sharing, and application capabilities are all impacted.